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Coliving is so much more than just sharing spaces

If you're ready to ditch the regular living paradigm, we have the solution

It’s affordable

Coliving saves you money as you share space and costs. Simultaneously you share experiences and live in a network of like minded people

It’s social

Coliving provides a supportive and inclusive environment for residents to connect with others, build relationships, and create a sense of community.

It’s green

State of the art buildings A++ energy efficiency. Coliving is also inherently energy inefficient and has the least strain on the environment.

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Simply the best Price.

Coliving saves you money as you share space and costs. Simultaneously you save time in maintaining friendships and you have a direct network of young working professionals available to you.

We are doing our utmost to keep expenses down and to make sure everyone has a fantastic place to stay.

We just started, it’s day one, but we are on our way and we see where we are headed. Send us a message if you like what we are doing, if you are interested to participate or if you have something to share or discuss.


The residents love DAM Coliving

The residents love DAM Coliving

I like that everyone is fairly like minded, working and is around late twenties early thirties.

Andrea Todi (26)

I work from home a lot and I like that the spaces are tailored for this.

Irene Sotelo (31)

I have a three letter word for this. NICE.

Lucas Barn (29)

Moving in is very easy, and the place is brand new.

Berry Tochtstra (27)